It all began with two simple words: NO MORE.

Jaime Kent and his wife Tami founded The NOMORE Foundation out of a passion to love and serve the least of these, though their passions came from different experiences. Tami was raised in a Christian home and felt a calling on her life from a young age to care for others, Jaime’s story was quite the opposite. His Dad and Mom split when he was little, and after discovering his stepfather’s abuse, he and his brother and sister were removed from their home when he was 10 years old. Life brought tremendously tough circumstances, but after reuniting with his biological father, he came to Christ at 16. God’s sovereignty in bringing Jaime and Tami together was a catalyst for something far greater than their individual stories.

They served in leadership roles in both the church and the marketplace until beginning their ministry careers in 2001. From empty fields in 3rd world countries to inner city streets, they saw first hand the needs of the hungry and hurting and wanted to help believers and followers of Christ make a difference, so they created a company called Heaven Rules in hopes of selling t-shirts and donating funds to those in need. But in 2010, Jaime was at a conference and praying over the least of these when he heard God very clearly say, “No More.” Filled with a passion to see the church be the hope of the world, Jaime's message to the church was compelling and clear, “Not on our watch will another generation of hurting people pass us by while we stand by and do nothing.”

And so The NOMORE Foundation was born.

We are addressing the most severe issues of our time, and focused on providing hope and help to orphans and at-risk children in the foster care system, the poverty-stricken, and victims of human trafficking. In tandem we educate and provide clear next steps for individuals to take action.

People often ask us, why so many initiatives? Wouldn’t it be easier if you were about just 1 thing? It probably would be easier, but God didn’t call us to 1 issue, He called us to all of them, because they are all interconnected. Where you find poverty, you find vulnerability. And where you vulnerability, you find exploitation. The numbers don’t lie. The most at-risk in our country and around the world for human trafficking are children without families, and many of them come from generations that have struggled living below the poverty line.

NOMORE believes strongly that everyone can do something. And together we can do so much more!

In today’s cultural climate, many Christians struggle to share their faith. That’s why the heartbeat of NOMORE is to live our faith out loud; not just with our words but with our actions. We agree with Theologian Thomas Aquinas’s sentiment that, “In all things, preach the gospel. And when necessary, use words.” When people ask why we do what we do, we say that it’s because of what Christ has already done for us.

Tami recalls one of the moments she saw the impact of NOMORE in connecting people to care. “A mom reached out to ask about bringing her adopted children to one of our events in Tampa. Their family had fostered and adopted in the past, and she wanted all her children to understand the heart motivation for their ‘why’. But instead of simply learning, the kids left the event asking when the family would start fostering again. If more kids needed help, they needed to do something. The mom was amazed and challenged, and the family stepped back in opening their home to foster many more children and they adopted two more children from foster care. Hearing this story, I knew God was speaking, even to the hearts of children, to bring about life change that would impact generations to come.”

Looking to the future, NOMORE aims to move a million Christians to action to serve the vulnerable. And while the method may change through the years, the mission will always remain the same. Jaime and Tami know that it’s bigger than the two of them… “NOMORE will live beyond us. What began as a calling championed by two people will become a calling championed by many people. Passion and purpose will connect in a way that leads to revival in the hearts of God’s people, that the world may know the God who sees, who loves, who comes close.”



When Jaime looks at the trajectory of his life, and the journey that brought him to where he is today, he would tell you that it all started with saying yes. Get to know more about Jaime by clicking the first button below.

One of Tami’s earliest memories is watching her mother praying on her knees at church. The way she loved God and others demonstrated her faith in Christ in profound, personal ways. Get to know more about Tami by clicking the first button below.

While Brenda has worked in ministries and with the Salvation Army, she is excited for her first opportunity to serve in the foster, adoption, and trafficking space with the NOMORE team. Get to know more about Brenda by clicking the first button below.

Julie has worked in ministry since 2011, and is thrilled to now be part of the No More team and their mission of connecting people to care. Get to know more about Julie by clicking the first button below.

Kait has been involved in ministry for 7+ years, serving alongside her husband with a heart for seeing people come to know Jesus. Get to know more about Kait by clicking the first button below.

Melissa has no doubt in her mind that God has brought her to the NOMORE team for such a time as this. Get to know more about Melissa by clicking the first button below.

After being a wedding planner for 4 years, Sara felt God ask her to take a step back to be more involved in church and raising her young kids. Get to know more about Sara by clicking the first button below.


Josiah has been flexing his creative muscles for more than 8 years. He began songwriting at just 10 years old, before developing an interest in graphics, social media, and design. Get know know more about Josiah by clicking the first button below.


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